A Journey That Changed My Life!

A Journey That Changed My Life!

Every year this day floods my heart and mind with memories….of good and bad….of ups and downs..of happiness and pain..of hurts and pleasures…of friends and enemies…

16 years back, in 2001 I stepped into this big city called Delhi. In the car we had carried a mattress, a gas cylinder, some basic utility stuff and my 8 month old daughter. No one by my side, even with moral support except my husband and my mother.

And then began a long and tough journey…To earn a living, to make a career, to be called “successful” in this world.

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The journey that started with rejections and humiliations…the disappointments and sometimes small achievements. One thing that has always helped me and been my biggest strength is my relationships.. Friends came forward to help in whatever way they could. My brother Ashish helped by taking me for interviews on a scooter that he used to borrow from his friends. He couldn’t bear to see me going by bus. Thats what we call the love of a brother.

For a year, we lived in a one room apartment in Noida. The size of the room was smaller than the balcony that I have now in my house.

There are innumerable incidents that can’t be recalled in a single blog. Probably and hopefully, someday I might find time to sit down and pen down my journey.

But as of now, I can say just this much – Last 16 years have taught me PERSEVERANCE and PATIENCE through all the failures I faced..the SKILL TO LISTEN through my talk show Zindagi Live, to be GRATEFUL through my spiritual master OSHO, to be HUMBLE through my interaction with great people like Pt Ravi Shankar and Amitabh Bachchan.

In 1996, a girl from a small town had promised to herself that she will meet Amitabh Bachchan personally someday, In 2001 a young woman had promised herself to earn a name in the world of media and meet someone who had refused her a job.

In 2017 a 42 year old woman is just grateful for all that she has got and all that is coming her way…

19th July..Thank you for the journey that began 16 years back on this day . We saw lots of Kanwarias that day on our way to Delhi and when I saw them again today…the 16 years came back to me in a flash.

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