Why India voted for Modi

Why India voted for Modi

All of us have our likes, dislikes, favorites, friends, foes and fears…We tend to choose our politicians on the basis of their religion, caste, community and several other reasons. Very rarely, uptil now, development, or the lack of it, formed the main basis of our choice and our vote.

These elections were different though. High voter turn outs despite the scorching heat, youth who was believed to have time only for fun, friends films etc, was seen queing at the polling booths in large numbers. The urban voter who usually didn’t find voting, motivating enough to force them out of their comfort zones to the long queues of the polling booths, braved out in the sun.

What brought about this change, I wonder. Was it sheer frustration of inflation, corruption, scams, rapes or was it communal polarisation? The congress and its allies have been trying to prove that it was polarisation, BUT, when they say this, they make a bigger mistake of proving the voter a fool. Yes, in many elections, caste and community cards have played a strong role but i seriously feel, this was not the case in 2014 elections.

Today, a middle class Indian is so busy struggling with his/her daily needs and dreams of a better life that religion or community really don’t matter so much to him/her.

Ignoring a common indian’s need for a safe, secure life and a corruption-free nation has been Congress’ biggest blunder, according to me. The anger of India’s youth after Nirbhaya’s rape, the anti-corruption wave started by Anna Andolan, the silence of the country’s Prime Minister and the Dynasty rule tradition of the Congress, all contributed to its downfall.

Congress and its allies were too confident that 2002 riots will not let Modi win the elections, forget about becoming the Prime Minister of India. Whenever a question of development arose, the congress chose to talk of 2002 riots, conveniently forgetting 1984.

For last several months, a debate was taking place in every home, office, chai shops,cafes, even parties— Whether Modi can and shall become the PM of India or not. I, myself had several arguments on this topic.

We agreed and disagreed, and finally agreed to disagree. In last few months we all have debated for/anti Modi, But what i want to say now, after the elections is that, lets give the nation the due it so deserves. A CLEAR mandate after so many years.

Weren’t we all tired of coalition politics? And this clarity cannot be achieved without votes from ALL religions,communities,class,age groups. Weren’t we all celebrating at high voter turn-outs? Then why not celebrate the verdict now?

I, as an indian, want to see the positive side of this election and hope for a brighter future. If it happens, good! if it doesn’t, then there are elections every 5 yrs. The same voters can vote Narendra Modi out. But as of NOW i want to believe in Modi, i want to give him and his team a chance. I like to hear a Neta talk about cleanliness, safety, governance and development. Whether he fulfills all our expectations or not, is yet to be seen but frankly, I could not place that confidence in Rahul Gandhi or anybody


And above all, its the victory of the voter first, then of a party. Even if it was a wave, so be it!

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